Episode 1 of Season 2 (E1S2): Manifestation 101

Jessica and Elise are kicking off the new year with the manifestation basics. This episode will help you use your natural abilities to live the life you want to create. Each of us is a creator and can harness that power to manifest all the great things in life — relationships, abundance, health, career and much more!

Episode 10: Wrap Up Episode

Don’t let this episode fool you, it is rich with content. It is an opportunity to get to know Jessica and Elise a bit better, their beliefs and their strategies for incorporating the metaphysical into their daily lives. It is fun to hear their commentary on the Mystical Lotus Show and what they learned along the way.

Episode 9: Past Lives

In this episode, Jessica and Elise dive into the topic of Past Lives. There are great personal stories in this episode about themselves and their loved ones. Do you think you’ve had a past life? Do you instantly feel connected to people and places? Do you have fears, preferences or dreams that you can’t tie to this life time? Listen in to the VERY FUN and mystical topic of past lives.

Episode 8: Shamanic Journey

In Episode 8, Jessica and Elise discuss Shamanic Journeys. The Shamanic Journey is a way of finding answers, information, healing, wisdom and knowledge as well as guidance or help with one’s personal life. Elise shares her very personal experience with Shamanic medicine and how it has led to great healing in her life. This episode covers different types of Shamanic medicine including the very popular and mystical Ayahuasca journey.

Episode 7: Ascension

In Episode 7, Elise and Jessica talk Ascension. What is it? What does it mean? How does one Ascend? Don’t let the word fool you – it is really about our spiritual journeys and rising consciousness. Find out what it means to live in 3D or 5D.  You will want to listen to this episode to prepare you for our next episode on Shamanic Journeys.

Episode 6: Intuition

It doesn’t matter what you believe, you will find something in this episode! Elise and Jessica discuss Intuition – what it is and how it plays a role in every day living. They each share real-life stories of how they have used (and at times, regretfully ignored) their intuition. What is your strongest intuitive sense? Listen to this episode to learn how to recognize and strengthen your intuitive abilities, because EVERYONE has them!

Episode 5: The Mandela Effect

Have you heard of the Mandela Effect? It’s really trippy! Jessica and Elise discuss the Mandela Effect – a phenomenon where a group of people collectively misremember a fact or an event. The term was coined by the paranormal enthusiast Fiona Broome. She along with other people, remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the 1980s rather than from illness in 2013.

There are so many examples of the Mandela Effect. Listen along and see if you have experienced the effect.