The Mystical Lotus Show was in the works the first time we met. A couple of friends who like the quirky stuff in life -- the unseen, the other senses. 

Who are we? 



Elise headshot.jpg


There are not enough words to describe Elise - she is just an earth angel who has many talents and gifts to share with the world.

She is an author of six books (so far) in the mind, body and spirit genre. She is also a gifted energy healer, angel communicator and intuitive. There isn't anything in the psychic and intuitive range that she is unable to do. 

Jess headshot.JPG


Jessica is a Gemini -- so she can be multi-faceted and talks a lot. One of her talents is being a hack at podcasts, images and anything creative. Thus, an idea was born to talk about the fun things in life with her friend Elise.

Jessica is a professional consultant, coach and carpool driver. In her spare time, she walks the dog and listens to a lot of podcasts.